Mold Remediation

Traditional mold remediation methods involve sanding and scraping to remove staining and mold that is embedded in wood. These processes are very time consuming and cause many challenges as far as reaching the small spaces where mold can grow. Chemical cleaning and soda blasting create poor visibility and additional clean up. The only way to ensure complete mold spore removal from wood is through Dry ice blast cleaning.

Our system allows for easy entry into tight places otherwise impossible to reach. It also allows for mold spore removal in drastically less time than any traditional removal method. Dry ice blasting removes 99.9% of mold spores from wood faster than traditional cleaning methods.

The existence of mold in a building is the symptom of much larger problem with moisture. As any mold remediator knows, eliminating the moisture problem is the only way to assure the mold will not return. Once the moisture problem has been solved, remediation of the existing mold is top priority. Mold can cause a great deal of health problems and can severely damage the integrity of a building’s structure. So, removing the mold in its entirety is vital to any mold remediation project.

Using the traditional methods of sanding and scraping a mold infested attic, three technicians would typically complete an attic job in five or six working days. However, with our dry ice blasting solution, two technicians can complete that very same job in two days. Therefore, residents have lower displacement costs and the remediators can take on more remediation work.

The unpleasant and uncomfortable process of squeezing into tight corners to sand the mold off of wood trusses and joists, only to have mold spores remain, is soon to become a thing of the past. Dry ice blasting provides for complete spore removal from wood. This means that the use of biocides and encapsulation can be drastically reduced or eliminated, as these registered pesticides were used as a back-up method to kill and contain left over mold spores. However, dead mold is still allergenic and must be removed. Dry ice blasting removes all mold spores, so these chemicals are no longer needed.

Cleaning with Dry Ice Blasting in the Mold Remediation Industry Provides:

  • Reduced cleaning time
  • Reduced labor requirements
  • No secondary waste
  • Chemical-free process
  • 99% mold spore removal on wood when IAQA standards followed
  • An environmentally responsible clean

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