What We Do


Ice blasting technology provides a fast, efficient, non-abrasive solution which allows us to clean a limitless amount of products. Our technology allows us to clean your products, with little to no dismantling, with a zero chemicals, and literally no environmental impact. This allows us to not only help keep our environment green, but allows us to help save you precious time, resources, and money.

Our Ice Blasting System can reduce the overall time spent on sanding, scraping or scrubbing with solvents. In addition there is no secondary waste, which also allows for additional time and clean-up cost savings.


  1. Barrie came in to do my exhaust system in my kitchen. I was quite interested in the whole process. I have never ever not used chemicals to clean the hoods and vents. So came the day that he came to do it. After all was said and done, I was very very impressed at how clean the system was. There was absolutely no mess created . Usually there is doing the conventional way. They came in and did the required job in the allotted time that was quoted. I would highly recommend getting them to do anyone else’s system. Chad Dieno (Lloyd Golf and Curling Centre)


  2. Barrie came by to clean out some of our down hole sand screens that help separate oil and sand 1mile below surface. These things are 6m + long, plugged and disgusting. Scormac was able to clean them and made almost no mess at all other then the remaining sand. Normally these take days to clean and at a very high expense. Good work Scormac!


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